Visual Art Consulting

Visual art consulting is a unique service in which the artists renders and simulates the chosen artwork in your actual environment. It allows you to get a great visual impression of how the artwork blends in you space as a whole.

Visual Art Consulting

The process is pretty simple. Take a photo of you interior where you would like to place the artwork. Try to take the photo with good amount of natural lighting preferably at the front angle.

A measured size reference would also be a good idea so we can create the visual render more accurately. Please include a textual information about the art you are interested in, the size in and exact location on the image where the art should be placed.

Please note that our visual render serves as a general reference but it is not 100% accurate.

Personalized wall art - custom sizes and cropping

We offer wide selection of art sizes in our print store, from small photos up to large and oversized wall art. 

We also understand that sometimes people need really specific art size or custom proportion cropping in their art decoration projects.

Sometimes you might need a 2 or 3 panel prints or other some other customization.

Let us know and we will digitally prepare your custom art for printing, upload it in the store and send you the product link.

If you are interest to try our 3D visual art consulting service feel free to send us an e-mail using our contact form