Peace Of Mind Wall Art Prints

Peace Of Mind

Meditation Art – Digital Abstract Painting by Gordan P. Junior

Peace Of Mind Wall Art Prints - Digital Abstract Composition - Meditation Wall Art

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Artwork Details

Peace Of Mind Wall Art Prints

  • Artwork Title: Peace Of Mind
  • Original Art Medium: Digital Art Painting
  • Dominant Colors:Red, Purple and Yellow
  • Artwork Collection: Digital Abstract Art
  • Maximum Available Prints Dimensions:  60″ x 45″ , 152 cm x 117 cm

Prints Quality

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    • Museum-quality giclée prints  

    ( All of our canvases and premium papers are acid-free and with proper care, will last for generations. )

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Peace Of Mind Wall Art Prints

Peace Of Mind Wall Art Prints – Meditation Art – Colorful vivid abstract digital painting by Gordan P. Junior.

Why stick to the same and ordinary when you can enjoy something fun, exciting and unique? Peace Of Mind Modern Wall Art Print is a celebration of a life lived on the calm yet deep side of things and is sure to spice up the look of any room in which it is placed.

This captivating work of art features warm and vivid flares of red, orange, yellow, purple and blue swirling together in perfect harmony. Color seems to ebb and flow along the horizontal composition, bringing a feeling of movement that makes the art print almost impossible to look away from.

Colorful vertical abstract composition with purple ,red and yellow as dominant colors.

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