Old Souls

Abstract Painting by Gordan P. Junior

Old Souls Wall Art Prints - Abstract Colorful Mixed Media Painting for sale. Art by Gordan P. Junior

Old Souls Wall Art Prints For Sale:

Artwork Details

Old Souls Wall Art Prints

  • Artwork Title: Old Souls
  • Artist : Gordan P. Junior
  • Original Art Medium: Art Painting – Acrylic abstract painting on canvas
  • Dominant Colors: Red, Brown,Black,White
  • Artwork Collection: Abstract Paintings
  • Maximum Available Prints Dimensions:  42″ x 60″ , 109 cm x 152 cm

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Old Souls Wall Art Prints

Old Souls – Contemporary abstract acrylic painting on canvas.

Old Souls is a modern abstract acrylic art painting on canvas is a part of Abstract Paintings Collection by Gordan P. Junior.

Age is more than just the number of years that you have lived. All of the moments that you live come together, coloring your soul with experience that can impart wisdom and knowledge well beyond your years. The Old Souls Modern Abstract Wall Art Print is an amalgam of color that forms a single abstract composition the same way every part of you forms your beautiful soul. Red and black dominate the composition with purples and yellows bringing dimension to the design. A true statement piece for any wall, the print is made from an original abstract work produced with acrylics on canvas.

Vertical abstract art composition with red, yellow and green as dominant colors.

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