Abstract Painting by Gordan P. Junior

Humility Wall Art Prints - Abstract Colorful Mixed Media Painting by Gordan P. Junior

Humility Wall Art Prints For Sale:

Artwork Details

Humility Wall Art Prints

  • Artwork Title: Humility
  • Artist: Gordan P. Junior
  • Original Art Medium: Art Painting – Acrylic painting on canvas
  • Dominant Colors: Dark, Blue,Purple,Indigo
  • Artwork Collection: Abstract Paintings
  • Maximum Available Prints Dimensions:  48″ x 32″ , 122cm x 81cm

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Artists Statement:

Humility is inspired by great human quality as being self-restraint from excessive vanity and rebuilding forgoten moral and  ethical dimensions

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Humility Wall Art Prints

Humility – Abstract Contemporary Mixed Media Painting by Gordan P. Junior is a multi layer colorful abstract art painting on large canvas and its a part of Abstract Paintings Collection by Gordan P. Junior.

In nature, the four dominant forces remain in beautiful balance, keeping the world turning in perfect harmony. Similarly, the colors found in the Earth Water Wind Fire Modern Wall Art Print balance one another and mix seamlessly together to create a striking horizontal composition. The red hues bring to life the colors of fire, while the oranges and yellows embody the Earth. Vivid swirls and streaks of blue add the element of water, while the wind blows through in the violet tones found in the abstract print. This contemporary piece is a print of an original acrylic on canvas work.

This texture rich dark abstract art was painted with acrylic paints on canvas and it has horizontal art composition with indigo, blue and gold as dominant colors.

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